Defensive Course

Defensive Course Click here if you are interested in Online Safe Driving Accident Prevention Program for New York Drivers




Click here if you are interested in Online Safe Driving Accident Prevention Program for New Jersey Drivers





Take this NYS DMV approved course and save 10% on your vehicle insurance. State law requires all insurance companies to provide a minimum 10% reduction – for a period of 3 years – in both liability and collision premiums of principal drivers who complete this program. You’ll probably save more than the program fee in the first year! The average annual car insurance premium for a two-car couple with one young driver is $2000. If you have more than one vehicle and one driver on your insurance, each principal driver must take the program to get the maximum insurance reduction on each vehicle.

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You will also receive a reduction of up to 4 points off your DMV driving record. This applies to points for violations & convictions which occurred within the 18 months immediately before the program completion. Remember, if you accumulate 11 points in 18 months your license will be suspended or revoked. This program will reduce those points.

After completion of the program, the NYS DMV is notified for automatic point reduction; within 3 weeks you’ll receive a permanent certificate to send to your insurance company for insurance reduction retroactive to the date of the program completion.

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This class is prepaid only. Payment must be made before class date in cash or by PayPal on this website.

Cost is $60. 

If you have a group of people give us a call and we will try to set up a class for you. We have multiple locations for the Defensive Course.

Defensive Driving Course

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